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So you think you're the world's best packer? Have you spent countless hours at hostels around the world? Think you have the perfect solution? Prove it!

Do you have the absolute best packing list for Europe or the best backpacking packing list? Share it! Maybe you have a secret travel list you've only shared with your closest friend.


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  • I saw mention of duct tape which is an essential no matter the travel you are doing. I would also add bungee cords to the list, even a few of the smaller ones. You never know what you will need to strap down or what might need to be carried on the outside of your bag. Plus they are great for temporary clothes lines or even privacy curtain holders.

    Andrew @ on
  • Duct tape, gotta have duct tape… Many uses, band-aids, fix things, build things, cover blisters, reduce blisters, make shower slippers, zipper broke?, tape it shut, make a loop to hook your duct tape to your pack, and on and on …
    Need a place for your charging cables, USB’s etc.. Plastic glass case …
    A place to carry your rings and things.. Cheap pill reminder case ..

    Rick L on
  • I always have problem with wrinkles in clothes while traveling. Even when I roll my clothes, there are still a few that come out with wrinkles. I found that it’s incredibly easy to get wrinkles out without an iron. Simply drape your item of clothing over the top of a shower or somewhere close to the head of the shower. Turn the shower on as hot as it will go and close any doors or windows in the bathroom. Usually within 2-3 minutes your item of clothing will be completely wrinkle free and you can turn the shower off and go on your way. This has saved me plenty of time and enabled me to bring my favorite clothes even if they wrinkle easily. I hope this helps!

    Jess-Thrifty Traveler Tips on
  • I see that many people have already mentioned some of my staples for packing such as packing cubes and rolling all of your clothes. One thing that I didn’t see mentioned was my little trick to keep your liquids in their bottles (where they belong) while traveling. I always take off lids of any liquids I’m bringing, including makeup, and place a piece of saran wrap over the top of it. Then close the lid as normal with the saran wrap still over the top and enjoy opening your suitcase after your flight without finding your shampoo or body wash to be leaked all over your bag due to the changes in air pressure. I would also recommend keeping your liquids in a gallon bag while on the move just in case something might leak (if you decide to remove the saran wrap for good). I had one frustrating accident where my body wash leaked onto my clothes and this trick has saved me a lot of headaches since then.

    Jess-Thrifty Traveler Tips on
  • Use packing cubes. For winter travel packing use vacuum bags for those bulky coats and pants. When you travel, always wear the heavy or the bulky stuff :)

    carla on
  • My sister taught me a trick when she backpacked around the world and I’ve used it ever since. Instead of folding, roll your clothes up. It takes up much less space in your bag. Plus, you can roll things inside your clothes too, such as souvenirs you’ve picked up along the way.

    Kirsty Marrins on
  • Also, pack $100 cash spread throughout your luggage. If you ever lose your wallet or your credit cards stop working, at least you have enough cash for food and taxi or hostel.

    Chau on
  • Travel with an extra lifeline at all times. Pack a wine key. Obviously, you’ll be able to open wine bottles at a moments notice, but carrying it on your body proves to be a great weapon. Opening the key, and placing the pointed coil between your fingers away from your body packs a mighty punch. The little knife used for cutting the label can be used as a scissor at any given time. The best part? You won’t get it taken away at the airport.

    Chau on
  • i always use packing cubes—- they are amazing to separate items. BUT my go-to packing tip is ….. roll your clothes! i also found a system to roll up multiple items at once, like a long sleeved shirt, socks and leggings. it’s good if you have one outfit that you think you might wear as an ensemble. rolled clothes seem to fit in all sorts of bags better than folded clothes, and they can slip easier down the sides of backpacks. bonus tip: rolled up socks also fit into hiking shoes.

    sarah on
  • Pack your bag. Pick up the bag and take it for a walk. Come back from the walk, and unpack the bag. Remove at least half of the stuff (three-quarters for really heavy packers). Repack the bag and now you are ready to go.

    Jennifer Melroy on

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