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  • I weigh my bag at home and at the hotel when heading home, avoids having to switch items around in the airport to avoid baggage fees.

    RoarLoud on
  • Ziplock bags are a life saver. I use them to separate, categorize and protect my electronics, makeup, toiletries, and dirty underwear ?. I also make sure to invest in a lightweight backpack that has a side access zipper so I don’t have to dig for treasure when I need something.

    Olivia Christine on
  • I never travel without good ol’ plastic ziplok bags, in several sizes. Whether I need to pack in a hurry, & I still have wet clothes (from either washing or swimming) – - to carrying snacks for that inevitable hunger strike, zip loks have been indispensable to me when I travel. I have used them not just for the usual TSA-approved toiletries or separating clean and dirty clothes, but also to seal up spices from India, Caribbean hot sauces, handmade French jams, and 100 yr old Italian balsamic vinegar to carry home. I’ve protected special souvenirs like sandy seashells, 15 course dinner menus and autographed photos. I also travel with a small watercolor set, which gets double protection in a ziplok. I’ve even carried buttercream-loaded pastry bags and tips ready to whip out and decorate an impromptu birthday cake for a special friend. For me, Ziploks literally have it in the bag!

    Lee / EatTravelCook on
  • After traveling around Asia for 4 months I have learnt the hard way what works and what doesnt :P My definitely very best advice is to put your clothes in vacuum bags (make sure to create some kind of system; e.g. underwear in one bag, used and dirty clothes in another, and so on). In addition to making it easier to find things, the vacuum bags (which you can manually just press the air out of) makes it possible for you to get SO MUCH MORE space in your bag for other stuff.

    Hope this was helpful :)

    Renate on
  • Leave some space in your bag/luggage so that when you buy souvenirs, you wouldn’t need to cram it all up inside your bag or worse, even have the need to buy another one just for your souvenirs.

    Shayne | LeMisstache on
  • I always use several packing cubes to keep my bag organised. My bag has never been messy since I started using these and finding my clothes has never been easier!
    To keep the amount of clothes to a minimum, I bring several items that can be worn in different ways; for example a dress that can be changed into a skirt or top and interchangeable sandals so you have several different styles.

    Lies on
  • If you’re in a hostel without lockers, and are carrying valuables like a phone or laptop, it can be worth it to carry a very light chain. When staying in large dormitories and heading out, lock your backpack up with combination locks and then use the chain to secure the backpack to your dorm bed. I will say though, that in all my travels, I haven’t had a fellow backpacker steal anything from me in a hostel (except for a bit of food from the fridge). So doing this can be a little overzealous, but then again I don’t travel with a new laptop.

    HowardLust on
  • Carry around the emergency contact numbers for your: bank cards (in case you lose them), travel insurance, and the embassy. You probably won’t need them, but just keep them on a slip of paper along with your passport.

    MikeTravels on

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