PACK Gear Travel Organizer

The P.A.C.K is an extremely light and super rugged nylon organizer meant specifically for urban backpackers. The organizer is like your home closet - it has compartments of different sizes which allow you to neatly pack your clothing and easily retrieve it once you get to your hostel or room. The P.A.C.K's built in hooks let you hang it from your bed, your closet, or your door. 

Form Meets Function

Secure Exoskeleton buckle design: This unique designs keeps your stuff secure. The tri-buckle design ensures that your stuff will stay in place on planes, trains, bikes, or roller-skates. No matter what you do with your backpack, the P.A.C.K will keep you organized.  

Parachute Grade Lightweight Nylon: The lightweight and rugged material weights less than 5 oz, adding an unnoticeable amount of weigh to your pack. We picked this fabric because it's the same material that military parachutes are made out of. 

Reinforced Stitching: We know how packed your backpack gets. The P.A.C.K is double and triple stitched, ensuring that your clothing stays in place. 

Built in Hooks: Hang your P.A.C.K using our custom 3-D printed hooks. Bunkbed? No Problem. Closet? Even better. Chair? Of course. Unlike packing boxes, all of your belongings can be conveniently hung for your immediate use.

Dimensions: 18"(H) x 9"(L) 7"(W)