The PACK Gear Story


No two travelers are alike.

That’s why we create unique and customizable packing products that get you on the road faster and keep you there longer.

The same is true of our team at the PACK. Our journeys take us all around the world in different styles and at different speeds. But there is one thing that brought our group of travelers together, the dislike of the packing struggle and knowing — there has to be a better way to backpack.

Our founder, Jonathan experienced the downside to travel himself on his trips to Djibouti, Tanzania, and Uganda during his year-long overland trip in Africa. A fast paced traveler who prefers to see as many sites as possible, Jonathan found himself spending his days with a repetitive theme.

Arrive. Unpack. Adventure. Sleep. Repack. Repeat.

Sick of this same anthem (not to mention the state of the room in the meantime)… Jonathan met with fellow Harvard classmates Lauren, Ty, Mark. They share many common interests including traveling the globe at lightning speeds, kayaking, skydiving, hiking and swimming, but they —  and the rest of the PACK team agree — packing is the worst.

Ever the problem solver Jonathan knew there had to be a better way to backpack. He met with Reggie and Laura, two prominent young designers who weren’t afraid to tackle the challenge that plagues every traveler’s trip.

Reggie and Laura were well acquainted with the packing problems most travelers face, too. They’re also avid explorers fond of New England hiking and Greek Island Hopping.

Together they created the PACK which has revolutionized the trips they take by saving tons of time, stress, and creating a better atmosphere in the room during their stays.

The PACK is highly customizable, flexible, and full of amazing features. Just like your trip.

In fact, the PACK team is all about the travel game and are currently innovating many new products that help explorers of all kinds keep themselves organized and traveling at the speed of life.

With the PACK, you’re in total control.

Go ahead, take that Safari or weekend in Paris.
With us, your bag’s already packed.

That’s our story, but we want to hear from you, too.

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The PACK gear team.

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Team Profiles


Jonathan was born with his passport in his hands; he’s visited over 20 countries! Though he’s done his fair share of hardcore backpacking and camping he now prefers nicer, boutique hostels and even takes warm showers.

Hostels are the perfect jumping off place for him to explore new cultures, cities, and architecture. Out of everywhere he’s visited his favorite city is Washington D.C. But his favorite hiking trails are in Central California around the Monterey and Big Sur area - yup, he’s got great taste.

He’s also the first person we’ve heard admit that they like hop on / hop off bus tours (though we all secretly love them).  


Mark’s a semi professional mountain climber and has visited over 15 countries trying to climb them all.  He most recently visited New Zealand and Australia for a 3 week RV trip and we’re told he climbed on top of that, too.

He prefers to spend his nights outdoors in a tent and really rough it, he’s the hardcore adventurer of the PACK and is responsible for testing it’s ultimate durability. Most weekends you can find him visiting the indoor rock climbing club or traveling to places warm enough to rock climb outdoors.



Lauren’s not here right now (she’s checking for fresh powder) so please leave her a message after the beep.

This girl loves skiing! During the winter she spends almost every weekend on the slopes though her ultimate weakness is Denver, CO.  She’s also a fast paced and adventure traveler, and on her most recent trip to Iceland, she got to spend some quality time with her long-time boyfriend watching the northern lights. Lucky!


Ty’s so big into backpacking he owns half of REI. Seriously, he owns over 5 different backpacks to make sure he has the right one for whatever comes up. He snubs comfort and actually likes living out of a car or staying in hostels during his travels; luckily his girlfriend doesn’t mind and they have an incredible time traveling together all over the world.

He’s very passionate about working in healthcare to improve the lives of sick people in third world countries and dreams of the day when he can devote more of his time to this cause.


The PACK is our MVP. He’s been around the world and stayed in thousands of hostels in hundreds of countries and never once made us look at his Facebook photo albums or asked us to crowdfund his trips. His hobbies are flying carry-on only, well-sealed liquid bottles, and not getting caught in conveyor belts at the airport.

He’s a great guy to have hanging around, literally. Don’t believe us? Buy him!* 

*Other PACK team members not for sale.



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