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Fit Twice As Many Items Into Your Backpack - Instantly!

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Have you ever finished packing all the "essentials", only to realize that you've packed too much? What if you could pack your essentials and still have room for more?

Going on a trip brings a lot of unknowns: what if you get sick and need medicine? Should you bring 6 or 7 outfits? Or, what if the weather unexpectedly gets colder when the weatherman forecasted 85 degrees?  All these unanswered questions can make deciding what to pack a nightmare, and can leave your bag bursting at the seams!

With the PACK compression strap, you can fit twice as much into your backpack or carry-on luggage and truly minimize suitcase chaos.  

That’s right - the PACK Gear Compression Strap literally cuts your PACK bag down in size by 55%

With the Compression Strap, you can bring all of those items that will help you feel at ease about your trip.

You shouldn’t have to choose between your red pumps and your black stilettos or your Bermuda shorts and your comfy sweats.  

If you’re tired of trying to fit everything into a tiny carry-on, free up space with the compression strap so that you can truly maximize your limited packing space.


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Keep it Together: How The PACK Backpack Organizer Can Save Your Sanity With Kids

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Do You Travel With Family? Don't Take Another Trip Without The PACK!

Before a trip out of the house, you pack your bag carefully, only to be frustrated later that you can’t find anything in the heap of toys, diapers, bottles, and snacks.  

The PACK Organizer is an essential item that every mom should have.  

PACK is an innovative organizational solution---you can pack everything for your kids, and it’ll stay packed just the way you like it!

Imagine, your child has a blowout and you know exactly where the diapers and wipes are. Or, your child is screaming in the middle of the airport and you can quickly offer them their favorite snack to calm the meltdown.

With the convenient top loading, full width and smaller high quality nylon compartments, any item you need is accessible so you can handle whatever is thrown at you with ease.

Stay organized, confident, and on top of your traveling-with-kids life with your PACK Bag.




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The Laundry Hamper: The Classy Way To Deal With Smelly Clothes

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Fellow Travelers!

How many times have you packed carefully for a hike or camping trip, thrown a smelly shirt into the mix and experienced first-hand how one apple can truly spoil the whole bunch?

Normal backpacks and carry-ons do not offer enough compartments to allow you to separate your items. This leaves you with a stinky smelly mess.  Fortunately, the PACK team has developed a laundry hamper that truly stands out from the crowd.



The laundry hamper conveniently hangs below your PACK bag to ensure that your dirty clothes stay separated from your clean ones.  Its perfect design allows you to store up to one week of lightweight, soiled items.  

**When your hamper is full, simply use the attached spandex covering to keep any unpleasant smells locked inside.**

Better still, having all your dirty clothes in this essential mesh hamper makes laundry at the end of your trip a breeze!

No more dirty looks from your travel partners or having to throw your stinky clothes out on the trail:

Stay classy and clean with the PACK laundry hamper!


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Our Launch With The Grommet!

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Hi everyone, this is probably the most exciting day and I am happy to share it with you! Today, we are proudly launched on The Grommet.



What is Grommet? The Grommet is the online launch platform for early-stage consumer products from independent Makers like myself. Since 2008, more than 60, 000 products have been evaluated by the Grommet. Our PACK Gear Backpack Organizer, is one of only 2,000 products - or 3% of all products that were selected to be launched! The Grommet is  like ABC’s Shark Tank but consumers decide what will be a success. The Grommet launches new products every day at noon EST. This is an important step for our team and I, as we continue to develop our line of products.

We can’t thank The Grommet team enough for the hours they put into our video and working with us to make sure everything was spot on. Check out this fun video below and check out us out on The Grommet by clicking HERE.

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Backpacking Tips and Tricks - Europe, Asia, and Beyond

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Welcome to the Top 20 Bloggers of 2015 Entry!

In the comments below, tell us your best backpacking tips and tricks. 
The 20 bloggers with the top packing tips will be featured in our "Top 20 Bloggers of 2015" Special. We'll promote the winners on our social media and blog!  Deadline is 12/31/15


So you think you're the world's best packer? Have you spent countless hours at hostels around the world? Think you have the perfect solution? Prove it!

Do you have the absolute best packing list for Europe or the best backpacking packing list? Share it! Maybe you have a secret travel list you've only shared with your closest friend.


Please use your real email so we can contact you if you win!


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