The Laundry Hamper: The Classy Way To Deal With Smelly Clothes

Fellow Travelers!

How many times have you packed carefully for a hike or camping trip, thrown a smelly shirt into the mix and experienced first-hand how one apple can truly spoil the whole bunch?

Normal backpacks and carry-ons do not offer enough compartments to allow you to separate your items. This leaves you with a stinky smelly mess.  Fortunately, the PACK team has developed a laundry hamper that truly stands out from the crowd.



The laundry hamper conveniently hangs below your PACK bag to ensure that your dirty clothes stay separated from your clean ones.  Its perfect design allows you to store up to one week of lightweight, soiled items.  

**When your hamper is full, simply use the attached spandex covering to keep any unpleasant smells locked inside.**

Better still, having all your dirty clothes in this essential mesh hamper makes laundry at the end of your trip a breeze!

No more dirty looks from your travel partners or having to throw your stinky clothes out on the trail:

Stay classy and clean with the PACK laundry hamper!


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