Traveling Cross Country With Two Kids!

Being a single mother is very difficult. And driving across the country with two six year old kids as a single mom is even harder. That right there, is exactly what I did a couple months ago. And if it wasn’t for my PACK Gear Backpack Organizer I can honestly say my journey would have been much more stressful.

We drove from Boston to Los Angeles because I was starting a new job. The trip took us a week to complete, and with limited space in the car, it was extremely difficult. We brought pretty much everything we owned with us and attempted to fit it all into one small sedan. On top of that, it just so happens that three out of the seven days it was pouring rain; definitely not ideal. The few times we stopped and got out of the car, our clothes got soaking wet. I didn’t want my kids to get cold and sick, thankfully I was prepared.

The one thing that I made sure I brought before I left Boston was my PACK Gear Travel Organizer. The little organizer transforms a backpack into a portable closet. It had so much space for everything we needed, like medicine, water, money, some food and even our clothes. With the rain soaking our clothes, I made sure to change my children and my own clothes right away so we wouldn’t get sick. My travel organizer made this very convenient. I would just switch out the wet ones for the nice clean and dry ones from the other compartment. This bag also kept my clothes separate from my children’s so nothing got mixed up or lost in the shuffle. I can truly say that this bag is what saved me. It is by far the most efficient way of packing. One of my friends, a couple years back went on a similar trip. She told me about how she lost a few important things like her favorite sweater and her glasses. And also that most of her clothes got dirty because they were thrown all around the car. We definitely encountered a few problems along the way, but being disorganized and losing things were not one of them.

I could have packed my small items in a bunch of large and heavy suitcases, but instead I chose to use the PACK. This way everything my kids and I needed was always easy accessible. I never lost or couldn’t find anything in my travel organizer, which I most likely would have in a large suitcase.

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