The PACK vs Packing Cubes: How Do They Stack Up?

We may be biased, but the PACK Gear Organizer is a much better solution for keeping your belongings organized. Here’s a side-by-side comparison:


Here’s a simple question – would you rather pay $45 or $63 for the same volume of packing space? Me, I'd rather pay the $45.

You need six medium cubes or three full sized cubes with one medium cube to match the packing space of the PACK. If you’re using anything larger than a 50L backpack, you may need to use even more than 6 cubes. Packing cubes are less convenience and they're more pricey.


The creators at PACK headquarters are avid travelers, and we understand that every inch of space inside your bag matters.  We designed the PACK out of lightweight nylon so that it takes up barely any space. Empty, the PACK's dimensions are .5" x 9" x 7". That's right, the PACK fits inside of a manila folder. Backpacking gear is meant to be small and weightless, like the PACK Gear Organizer.

See a photo of the folded PACK in the gallery.

On the other hand, packing cubes take up 2.5 times more space than the PACK. Why waste all that room in your backpack or luggage?


Let's be honest, no one would prefer to deal with half a dozen packing cubes instead of just one complete organizer. The PACK is simply more convenient. In addition, you can hang you PACK organizer wherever you go (doors, beds, closets, trees, etc...) 

You can't do that with packing cubes.


It’s hard to say if the PACK organizer is of higher quality than packing cubes - it really depends on which company you're buying from. We can tell you that the PACK is made of rugged 220 Nylon and double stitched for safety. This is the same material that parachutes are made of. Your PACK will be able to keep up with travel adventures.

Bottom Line:

There is finally a better alternative to packing cubes! Check out which organizers we have in stock now!

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